30 June 2011

a double barreled draw

Sunday the 26th July. Now I'm pretty sure I should be doing something.

I'll just have another 15 minutes in the sun and then maybe tidy up those strawberries...hang on...somethings coming through...no...it's gone.

Something to do with gardening? *checks pots on patio*

Something to do with lunch? *makes cup of tea and wanders upstairs to find cat*

What are you doing in here? *removes incredibly hairy cat from between pillows on bed*

Why have I put books in bubblewrap? *facepalm*

In the spirit of Blue Peter (but with a little less sticky back plastic), I promptly scribbled names of the entrants onto some scrap paper...

...swirled them around in a mixing bowl...

...and pulled out two winners...

...both with double barreled names.

Initial intelligence implies that neither appears to own a pony, nor half of Shropshire.

Congratulations to Francesca Light-Wilson and Cressida Stanley-Williams, who will each receive a copy of Giles and Sue Live the Good Life, courtesy of Giles Coren.

Anyway, I'd love to stay and chat, but lunch is drawing to a close and I have some important colouring in to do.