15 May 2011

Off to market...

Now, on the face of it, the link between possibly the biggest farmers/growers/foodie markets in England and me growing things in pots is somewhat tenuous.

Realistically we only go through the often physical, sometimes emotional pain (come on we've all been there "why won't you just grow?!") of growing our own because we want to eat fresh delicious fruit and veg.

The lovely people at the Real Food Festival very kindly sent me a pair of VIP tickets for the Earls Court event, at this point it would have seemed down right rude not to go, so I kidnapped @TheUrbanDryad and shlepped off to Kensington with an empty stomach and my extra deep pocketed trousers (yes I'd love a sample...or 12).

Now this is where my memory becomes a little bit blurred...I remember a lot of olive oil, cakes, Turkish delight, a delicious hazelnut ice cream, some startlingly hot mustards and a cacophony of smells delicious enough to have driven the Lost Boys crazy (bangerang!).

The VIP tickets gave us access to a tent, which on the face of it doesn't seem that exciting, but there were cocktails and the Real Food Cookbook (food porn).

From there we discovered; the joys of oysters...the consensus being that they taste something like the sea and have the texture of bogeys (aphrodisiac? really?!); the weird but wonderful @Teapigs Matcha Super Power Green (thanks Hannah); and last but not least, possibly the best sausage I have ever tasted courtesy of the Whole Foods Market, long established in the US but just sneaking over the pond with four Markets in London and one in Glasgow.

There were also chickens. No, I don't know what it wants either....

At this late stage of the day, it was time for a confession, the One Pot Pledge team were on hand, offering up the challenge to grow your own and giving away free pots of chard, sidling over I admitted that I had signed the pledge last year, but not quite got round to growing the potatoes they had given me (mine were already well established at that point...so I had grown some potatoes...just not theirs).

Fortunately they are a very friendly and forgiving bunch, so I signed up again and came away with four little pots of Chard seedlings in lovely rich organic compost.

Now where did I leave my plot?

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