19 May 2011

lost and found

It finally happened, I'd lost the plot.

I remember taking it all out of the van in August and putting it in the back garden...from there though it appears to have migrated during the Winter.

Now this is not a problem encountered by your average agriculturalist. Plots don't just wander off. Pots on the other hand...

So after a bit of digging around under the drifts of beech and oak leaves that had enveloped the patio, planters, pots and troughs began to emerge.

Things weren't looking good for the potatoes, but then again if I'd done my job properly there shouldn't have been any left in the bag...slacker.

The lettuce was long past its best, having gone to seed and then been ignored, on the upside the root structure looks pretty cool.

The plants that have once again won from being totally ignored are the strawberries. A little bit overgrown and tangled but most definitely none the worse off for a winter under some nice dry leaves.

It would be easy to just leave them to it, but the grow bag was starting to look a little bit tight for the 3 extra plants that had self seeded and knotted together. The soil from the lettuce troughs was well sieved, all the bits of root structure removed and then put right back where it came from, before the strawberries were settled in their new spacious accommodation.

Don't get too comfortable you juicy little b*stards...

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