15 February 2011

War, huh yeah What is it good for?

This is where Edwin Starr and I disagree a little. Yes, he makes a good point it does cause destruction of innocent lives, it does bring tears to mothers eyes for sure...

But war can give life...to vegetables at least.

During World War II there were approximately 1.4 million allotments in the UK [source] which at peak were producing around 1.3 million metric tonnes per year [source]...that's a whole lot of life by anyones standards Edwin.

So where am I going with this?

Those of you with long memories (or who are new and have been going through the archives) may remember by my lust for the rather wonderful greenhouse that featured in the IWM's Ministry of Food exhibition, which I was promised I could go and visit.

With one thing and another, I nearly didn't make it, but finally on the 27th December, thanks to an extra length Christmas break, I dragged along a few friends and my little brother to have a butchers.

Now this is where I hit a bit of a difficulty, I would love to tell you in detail all about the exhibition, to regale you with buckets of informative nuggets, to insist that you must go out tomorrow and visit the wonderfully helpful people at the Imperial War Museum and their beautifully executed exhibition.

But I shall do none of these things.

No don't cry, here, have a cup of tea, relax and I shall explain...

Now the exhibition was wonderfully informative, masterfully laid out and very easy to absorb, but our visit was nearly two months ago, and I challenge any of you to remember in detail a museum visit 2 months down the line.

To compensate for this total loss of data, I do have lots of pictures, a fair few of the greenhouse for the garden hardware perverts amongst us.

These can be found in the Ministry of Food Gallery on the new Elevated Agriculture Facebook page, please have a nose around and if you like what you see, then why not like the page too?

And finally, why am I not sending you off into the arms of the curators of the IWM in Lambeth, so that you can see this wondrous exhibition for yourself?

For no other reason dear reader, than it ended on the 3rd of January 2011.

You should, however still visit the museum.

Yes, war is horrible. No, tanks are not of interest to everyone. And yes, you may well end up buying a multi coloured rubber in the gift shop.

But the permanent exhibitions are well thought out, detailed, interesting, moving and very importantly for students, families, the young, the old and everyone else who is feeling the pinch, free.

If you would like to learn more about the Ministry of Food exhibition, the companion book is on sale now and the IWM's blog pages are still live.

Now what are you still doing here? Go out and catch some hedgehogs!*

*elevated agriculture takes no responsibility for injures, illness or litigation sustained as a result of trying to catch hedgehogs.