12 August 2010

Gone but not Forgotten

Look, I'm really really sorry OK? I didn't mean to neglect you, I've just been a bit busy what with moving home and the resultant Ikea major engineering works that followed, but fear not, I'm settled, the furniture is never coming apart ever again and the allotment has made it too.

As mentioned last time around, it does seem a bit weird to be moving an allotment, but with some huffing, puffing and only a tiny bit of swearing, Cameron and I managed to get it all downstairs and into the van.

With this done, I took the opportunity to give the galvanised a bit of a clean and take one last look at the truly stunning vista I had across HP13. Stunned aren't you?

The next morning however, I woke up in the WD3 to the sound of Koi in the pond, the breeze gently rustling through the 150ft Beech and Oak trees at the end of garden, and the light of 6am on a Sunday morning, because without the nightly presence of the sodium glow as expereinced in the HP13, some daft pillock didn't bother to close the blind.

As you can see, it's going to be tough, but I'll muddle on through somehow...