15 May 2010

budget window ledge lettuce - Part 3 - off the ledge...

It was all so well intentioned. A few empty tins, some compost and some seeds...then the compost started to get a little surface mould on it, so the pots went out on the balcony. Where they have sat for a good 2 weeks...ignored and unloved.

In this time, the Delight has sprouted nicely, the Dynamite has failed spectacularly and the Cos is slightly indifferent.

Given that the delight has done so well, I separated out 6 of the seedlings into two of the concrete troughs using a teaspoon, there is a "proper" tool for doing this, but we're on a budget damnit!

Having plucked them out with a little clod of dirt still attached, they were transferred into the loose warm compost, gently patted down and given a little water.

So, the intent is the same "budget lettuce" but the location has changed.

Everday is a school day, and the lesson learned here is that tins/pots on the window ledge are a great place to start seeds off, but not always the best place for them to stretch their legs!

2 May 2010

It's a Kinda Magic!

It would appear that "some David Copperfield Shit" has been occurring on the balcony, not in the literal sense of course...well I hope not but you can never be sure with Magicians.

Going Underground on the 28th April the potatoes looked a little spindly, small and unpromising, but a bit of water and some organic feed was applied, fingers were crossed and magic words uttered.

The magic seems to have worked, as this morning the potatoes were doing their best to make a break for the sky.

I may have lost a few "man points" but at this point I went and read the instructions on the packet, and promptly dumped a load of compost all over the tatties.

A bit of a brush with the palm of my hand and a gentle packing down of the new soil around the stalks will be the cal of the day as they grow, I think I'm going to stop at yellow line...that should give what are in essence little potatoes plenty of room to grow.

Steak and potatoes are now a near certainty...if only I can work out how to grow steak from pots of dirt...or chocolate chip cookies...