21 July 2010

The Great Plague of Indolence

"On that same night I will pass through Elevated Agriculture and strike down every firstborn - both vegetable and fruit - and I will bring judgement on the lazy sod that promised to look after both the fruit and the veg and to write at least one post a week, but instead totally against all previous behavioural traits decided to go running, join a rugby club and get a social life . For I am the unpredictable and at times scorching British Summer Time, more fool he that tries to predict when or even if I'll turn up!"

Vengeful Agricultural God ch.1 v.1

So, yes. I erm haven't been paying much attention to the rapidly yellow contents of the balcony and as a result things appear to be dead or at the very least quite seriously maimed.

The potatoes failed to flower and moved straight from big green and bushy, to yellow wilted and slightly mushy. I have been warned/reassured that potatoes might or might not be a success the first time out, but only getting my hands dirty and digging around in the compost will tell.

After the previous glut of strawberries things have gone a bit wild in the little yellow planter bag, with tendrils feeling their way out and over the edge, and rather a lot of brown curled up leaves and dried out fruit lingering in the muck. Rest assured that a clean up effort shall ensue forthwith.

Looking best of the bunch (from a distance at least) are the cos and delight lettuces, but closer inspection shows a few well munched leaves and rather more dried out yellow husks around the otherwise healthy hearts.

All in all a bit of a mess, but after an hour outside things are looking a whole lot better...but that is a story for tomorrow night!

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