22 July 2010

Feast or Famine?

It was always going to be a bit hit and miss with the potatoes, I could tell that right from the start, the knowing looks, the sniggers, the more experience gardeners just rolling their eyes.

But I did what all novice gardeners and I am coming to learn the more experience ones do too, I made the soil as good as I could, followed the instructions on the packet and tried my best to keep them fed and watered.

My best however was pretty rubbish. The end result being shriveled stalks, yellow leaves and the plants not making it quite to the flowering stage.

In short; it looked like there wasn't going to be any homegrown potato salad this summer.

So with nothing else left to do, I decided to get my hands dirty. And was rewarded with something that can only be described as a potato.

Further digging around netted nearly a kilo of these little (in some case more pea than potato) beauties.

For those that are about for the BBQ on the 31st August, you may well get to see just how good they are when combined with mayo, garlic and red onions - for those that aren't or that I just don't actually know, here's an arty photo instead.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations mate - they look brilliant! Some of the old boys up at the allotment have told me not to concern myself with the state of the leaves and flowers too much, as all the *important* potato action is going on under the ground.

    These look great - enjoy them! I have had some home-grown potatoes already this year and the difference in taste is simply astonishing.