9 June 2010

you messed up my mental health, I was quite unwell...

Gardening is considered by some mental health care professionals to be a great tool on the way to recovery from all sorts of psychological problems...you're out in the fresh air, concentrating on new life and new opportunities, the sun is shining.

The reality for me though has been that for the most part, actually going outside to plant something that I know I will either be eating alone, or will not see fully matured on the balcony has been too much.

Those of you that know me personally, through Twitter or on Facebook will be aware that my marriage has fallen apart; there is no longer a Mrs. M to share the crops as they come in or berate me for leaving the door open and treading compost into the carpets; and as a result the flat is for sale and I will be relocating, vegetables and all to the leafy idyll that is Chorleywood.

In the last week or so it became clear that I was moping, afterall, whatever I start here can come with me, I have lots of you now reading along, apparently well prepared to put up with my drivel, and the added bonus that between my parents and the occasional visits home from my brother, everything will get eaten and appreciated.

So from here on out, I am guaranteeing you at least one post a week (they may not be long and wordy, but they will be here), that all the pots will be filled with at least seeds and hopefully nice mature plants and that I will continue to grow edibles organically above ground even when I have access to a garden.

Thanks once again for listening to my nonsense (plant based or otherwise).

Much Love.


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