1 June 2010

Neither Red nor Dead

I'm unsure whether Strawberry Fields are forever, forever is afterall quite a long time, but I can say that the previously abandoned/unloved/rescued plants are in fine fettle.

Not quite red, but definitely not dead, the remainder of last years plants are now flowering nicely and entering the transition from flower to fruit.

I'll hold off the bulk purchase of clotted cream, but might have a dig at the back of the cupboard for some organic fertiliser, which along with a decent daily watering will see lots of lovely red fruit ripe for the picking.

Surely Eton Mess is only a mater of weeks away...if only you could grow meringue...


  1. It looks like you have some cracking plants there Chris! I too am growing a small strawberry plant (need to add some more to keep up with the demands of the other half) but have found them a lot of effort e.g. space for only a few fruits - any tips on big yields per plant?

  2. Last year was a bit of a strawberry fail, but from what I have read this is not uncommon in the first year.
    They do seem to like lots of water, but equally require good drainage; as you can see from the post where I re-potted them, the roots can end up quite deep, so if not well drained they begin to rot!
    Cutting back the greenery could also help to increase yield, but I would be concerend about going too far and ust ending up with mutilated stumps.