16 June 2010

Got any Polygonum Tinctorium? Sorted!

Of all the baggies passed illicitly in Hertfordshire Pubs, this one probably contained the most unlikely and in my eyes, most exciting of contents; 12 little black dots floating around in the bottom of the clear plastic square. I'm given some instructions on their use, warned about the side effects and promtly stash them in my wallet for a later date.

Wind forward a few weeks. I'm stood in the office of my employer, a fortune 500 company with a zero tollerance drink and drugs policy when the not so innocent looking baggie drops out of my wallet. Arse.

Thank goodness that www.wildcolours.co.uk label their bags well. It's not easy to explain away that I grown plants on a balcony at the best of times, and probably harder when being confronted with a mysterious baggie.

The item in question contains Polygonum Tinctorium, thats Japanese Indigo for non latin speakers and was slipped to me by "The Birdman" as part of his Ma course...I got out easy, he was looking for someone to grow flax!

The indigo will be planted before the end of the week, once I have scrounged an old seed tray and finely sifted the compost, which the seeds will be placed under a very thin layer of.

Demanding little sods...

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