30 June 2010

Bringing home the Tupperware

Will they come out at full strength and meet their potential, or will they crumble and fail? Is red really the colour of success? Will Fabio want to cover them in cream? The whole nation has been on tenderhooks and as of Sunday we have all the answers.

Yes they have. No they haven't. Yes it is. And apparently he was busy with some sort of sports thing.

All three of the rescued plants are now doing well with some small green fruit slowly ripening, a fourth self seeded plant has dried out and died, despite recieveing the same care and attention as the others - regular watering, cutting back of excess folliage and as yet not even a drop of Organic fertiliser.

Here is the first eleven of the Elevated Agriculture stawberry patch team (you really couldn't make this up), picked on Saturday morning, these slightly misshappen crimson beauties were boxed up and transported to The Motorwerks for a taste test by Laura, Elie and the other lads lurking round the 'shop.

And no Laura, I can't grow Foxes Tripple Chocolate cookies on the balcony...

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