15 May 2010

budget window ledge lettuce - Part 3 - off the ledge...

It was all so well intentioned. A few empty tins, some compost and some seeds...then the compost started to get a little surface mould on it, so the pots went out on the balcony. Where they have sat for a good 2 weeks...ignored and unloved.

In this time, the Delight has sprouted nicely, the Dynamite has failed spectacularly and the Cos is slightly indifferent.

Given that the delight has done so well, I separated out 6 of the seedlings into two of the concrete troughs using a teaspoon, there is a "proper" tool for doing this, but we're on a budget damnit!

Having plucked them out with a little clod of dirt still attached, they were transferred into the loose warm compost, gently patted down and given a little water.

So, the intent is the same "budget lettuce" but the location has changed.

Everday is a school day, and the lesson learned here is that tins/pots on the window ledge are a great place to start seeds off, but not always the best place for them to stretch their legs!

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