14 April 2010

riddle me this

It is a well known fact that gardeners are drawn to tools, gadgets, gizmos, books, magazine and garden centres as their subconscious does all it can to keep them from the garden.

Fear not though my dear gardening chums, I have made it into a garden centre, bought something and made it back out again!

Even more unbelievably, I bought only the thing that I went in for!(no pink crocs, grow your own drugs books or hand painted pots here)

So I have a riddle, basically a wide holed sieve for getting sticks, stones and quite possibly a few bones out of your soil.

With all my soil/compost having come bagged up it is quite heavy on the wood chips and also contains the remnants of last years crops.

With these banished, the coil is now my smoother, softer and ready for some seeds - just in time for the weather to turn.

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to seeing what seeds you're going to try out this year...