27 April 2010

budget window ledge lettuce - Part 2

10 days on and the lettuce seeds are nicely settled in their ClipperTeas tins and are starting to sprout, well most of them are, the exception being the Dynamite seeds of which all but one is refusing to germinate...a few stern words may be needed!

As you can see I was a bit more ham fisted than normal whilst sowing the seeds and the Delight especially needs thinning out.

Some carefully plucking of those seedlings that were very close to other stronger ones has freed up a bit more space to grow...and created the worlds smallest compost heap/bowl.

Another 10 days should see the lettuce ready for its finally thinning with some obvious candidates to carry on to full lettucehood - anything that looks like it might survive may well find itself out on the balcony in one of the troughs.

1 comment:

  1. that is a very cool way of using those clipper tins. I've only got one and it has tea in it. Have only just discovered your blog and am liking it. The only thing I have against container gardening is that you have to keep on top of the watering otherwise all your hardwork can be kyboshed. Good luck and I will call back very soon.