17 March 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

It's one of my favourite Beatles songs, it truly is, but nowhere in Johns lyrics does it mention that if the strawberry fields don't get a good dousing of water (even in the winter) they curl up, go crispy and just become plain old fields.

Thankfully he was a musician rather than a farmer.

I however have no excuse (other than I am neither a farmer, nor a Beatle) for the dusty, crunchy pots of dirt that formerly held my strawberry plants; well, maybe one excuse but it's a good one. Honest.

Water irritates my neighbour (specifically water running from my balcony to his) and as a result, everything got drip trays, except for the railing based strawberry pots...they just got less and less water, until they got no water at all. In fact the only reason that 3 plants out of the original 8 managed to survive is that they get rained on quite heavily (check out those deep roots!)

With their appetite for lots of water and the niggling thought that I should do as little as possible to wind up the man downstairs, the remaining strawberry plants were relocated to the medium sized yellow planter bag.

A week on an everything appears to have settled down nicely, new green buds are peeping through and all the water/organic feed is disappearing very quickly.

Maybe John did have it right, after all, he was the Walrus.

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