7 March 2010

Clean, Clear and Under Control

Neglect is a terrible thing. But so is a cold wind and driving drizzle. This morning was the first Sunday for a long time that the cold/wind/drizzle mix was missing.

With the balcony bathed in warm Spring sunshine it was time to show the greenhouse some attention. Although I have previously expressed some jealousy of the wonderful wood and glass construction at the Imperial War Museum, I do have a rather smaller and less grand glasshouse, which whilst being somewhat less opulent is at least quick and easy to clean.

This is a small but very welcome mercy given the thick film of grot that had built up over the Winter, coating the glass in a heady mix of compost, dust, road grime and drizzle that had combined to make the glass somewhat opaque.

A generous spritz of Windolene and some Bounty (the kitchen roll, not the chocolate bar) later and its good as new.

Not big enough to grow coconuts (mmm....Bounty. The chocolate bar, not the kitchen roll), but it will soon be playing host to some delicious organic lettuce seedlings.

Salads Hooooo!

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