15 February 2010

Green[house] with Envy

With the weather still too cold to go out and play on the balcony, and everything spic and span after last year (with the exception of my little glass house), I can be found once again trawling the internet in search of inspiration but more often than not discovering a deep seated envy of other peoples plots.

The latest target of my horticultural lust is not a garden, but a museum, the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth to be precise.

Friday saw the opening of their latest exhibition "The Ministry of Food", which "examines how the British public adapted to food shortages during the Second World War, learning how to be both frugal and inventive on the ‘Kitchen Front’." [source: http://food.iwm.org.uk/]

Rationing, growing your own and the "make do and mend" mentality are all very exciting but I haven't been to the exhibition yet, so can't really get too excited about those bits - what I have seen however is a glasshouse, a wonderful glasshouse. And I want it!

Until I work out a way to sneak it past the tanks, artillery and the ever present and wonderfully helpful museum staff, I shall have to make do with ogling it through the IWM blog and Flickr photo stream.

The exhibition is open 10am to 6pm until the 3rd of January 2011, at a very reasonable £4.95 for Adults and £2.50 for Children.

Sally has promised that we can visit in the coming weeks as long as I promise not to try and put the greenhouse in my pocket, now what am I gonna do with the BFG's great coat?

[4194805393_fc695786b9.jpg ©Imperial War Museum]

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