27 February 2010

Chitting Chatter

With the wind, rain and snow still whipping through the bars of the balcony, it doesn't seem the best time for anything to start growing and yet on opening one of the kitchen cupboards today, the seed potatoes appear to have other ideas.

Yes, you did hear right, seed potatoes. Not perhaps a traditional vegetable to grow in a pot, or on a balcony, but thanks to Unwins "have a grow" range of seed potatoes, those with limited space and no need for 3kilos of tubers at a time, anyone can "have a grow" (gotta love those marketing types).

As you can see four of the Organic Bambino Salad variety are now laying nestled, quite comfortably, with their little shoots sprouting skyward, in an old egg carton on our kitchen windowsill for a bit of Chitting.

They should be ready to plant out in the next month or so, and will be filling the planter previously occupied by the overactive, under utilised and thoroughly ungrateful mint (straggly deep rooted bastard stuff that it was).

Seeing that potato salad is only 3 months away...perhaps I should grow some chives too?

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