9 January 2010

done and dusted (in snow)

Monday saw the Snow and Wind hitting hard, with temperatures dropping to -5.5*C and my promise of getting outside to clear up the mess left by the previous winter storm in danger of being broken.

With a positively tropical -1*C showing on the ever optimistic (45*C in the summer?) and somewhat unreliable (the needle can be moved by shaking it...)  thermometer, I donned the thermals and headed outside.

The main job for the day was to cut back anything (everything), that was dead or "sleeping". So, that would be the tomato plant, both the sweet Kuros and the Romital Hot peppers, all the lettuce and the spinach.


Several weeks back, I decided that the mint had to go, no matter how deep rooted it had become. Despite assurances from Sally (apparently being called Mrs. M makes her sound like an old woman) that fresh mint would be great for cups of peppermint tea, Twinnings tea bags proved more popular, so now it was taking up the deepest of the four planter bags and only being eaten by some small green caterpillars.

This clearly wouldn't do - after all when space is limited, there no room for bushy, green, ever expanding plants that provide no benefit to the gardener/cook - after 20 minutes of scrambling round in the dirt trying to banish every last bit of root from the planter, I was left with a Tesco carrier bag filled with lots of roots and a deep planter filled with lots of loosely packed organic compost ready for planting in the spring.

With the mint dispatched, I'm left wondering if anything else needs to go, afterall if it doesn't get eaten then why put the time, effort and love into growing it? Pepper plants and spinach, you could be next!


  1. Have you thought about growing potatoes in a tub? Also I'd be tempted to grow some jasmine along those bars.

  2. Thought about it but don't think I could get a decent enough sized crop for it to be worth while - it would appear that high yield, easy eats like tomatoes, lettuce, etc are the best things to grow on a balcony.