19 January 2010

Cold weather keeps elevated agriculture on ice - best read a book!

With the remnants of last years crops still firmly frozen in their earthy tombs, I felt the best way to spend my time was re-reading a few books and given that I've not been out on the balcony making a mess, you lot get to read about what I've been reading about (lucky you!).

So here's a little bit of me writing about someone else, writing about gardening. If you like what you read (and why shouldn't you?!) then mosey on over to www.ireadiwatchediplayed.co.uk for more!

Allotted Time: Twelve Months, Two Blokes, One Shed, No Idea [Hardcover] - Robin Shelton

I picked up the hardcover edition of this book back in mid May 2009 from my local charity shop and a week later found myself purchasing bags of compost, pots, planters, seeds, drip trays, strawberry plants, bamboo canes and twine - and a few weeks after that marveling that I too could make things grow.

Robin Shelton, a diagnosed manic depressive, graduate jewelery designer, loving dad of two and some time art & design teacher - gently and entertainingly guides you through the year long journey that he and his neighbour Steve take to becoming fully fledged agriculturists. From thinking that an allotment might be a good idea after a few beers, to taking on a desolate disused plot, clearing it, planting it and eventually actually growing something on it.

This is not a how to guide, but rather a journal of one mans year on the allotment and as such features quite a lot of content on Robins relationships with his father (deceased), his two young sons, his mother (who is always right when he wants her to be!), his neighbour Steve, Charlie the Dog (wall eyed with bricks for brains) and his mental health - much more than just veg and as a result a more engaging and interesting read that any other gardening book I have read to date.

4/5 Thoroughly enjoyable for both those who enjoy being knee deep in a rich compost and their counterparts who couldn't give a fork.

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