25 November 2009

Agriculturist and [most] plants alive and well

Contrary to several reports in the red tops, Mrs. M has not in fact shoved both myself and the contents of the balcony off the edge.

I have been in varying levels, very busy, very lazy and very on holiday; a heady mix of being both busy and lazy, but somewhere nice a warm.

And the result of this neglect?

Well, the chives and basil are dead, but everything else seems to be doing better than when I'm actually paying attention to it. The tomato plant (weird, weird, weird fruit) is still managing to produce flowers despite the cold and wind.

This weekend I shall venture out onto the windblown galvanised allotment, have a tidy up and take some snaps of current progress, I would go now, but I'm busy lazing in my armchair drinking wine.

For now here's a holiday snap to keep those that prefer pictures to words happy. And yes, I am the flame of scrooges candle.

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