2 October 2009

costing the earth

Trawling through receipts in my bedside cabinet, I was mildly surprised to see that this year I have spent a total of £36.00 on Dirt, lovely Organic Dirt, but Dirt none the less.

Soil, it would appear, is a very big issue for the allotment holder, who will spend a certain amount of time, effort and money on improving to achieve the best possible crops. It's arguably even more so for the balcony gardener who has to lug it up flights of stairs in 25Kilo bags and pay for every single moist crumbly brown bit of it (soil is not normally considered a desirable attribute when buying a top floor flat).

It is thankfully, quite hard for me to begrudge paying for compost, when the choice is either buy it or don't grow fruit and veg on the balcony.

Admittedly I could have saved a few quid by buying it in bulk, but I'm neither sure my car, nor my back would be able to cope with 150kilos of compost all in one go.

And what if I hadn't taken to this elevated agriculture lark? What do you do with that much unwanted mud?

Speaking of unwanted mud, best go hoover the carpet before Mrs. M notices the footprints...

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