16 September 2009

weird fruit

As the temperatures and the amount of daylight available on the balcony allotment drop, the tomatoes continue to bloom.

green and red tomatoes on the vineAccompanying the already bountiful supply of gently ripening tomatoes, these little buds can be seen peeping through the thickening foliage.

tomato plant in flowerI'm lead to believe by the gardening books I've acquired and various online resources that this is not normal, in fact it could be considered down right weird for tomatoes at this time of year.

If they carry on like this I'll be digging fresh fruit out of the Buckinghamshire snow come December.

Tomato ice lolly anyone?


  1. Hey Chris,

    When did you plant these? It's great that you're still getting regular fruits and even new shoots! My tomotoes have now sadly been consigned to the scrap heap! We have had a mild September however, so this may be keeping them growing!

  2. I got given this as a grown plant in July, probably about 2 feet tall at that point...checking this morning and there are 2 more flowers coming through. I think south facing balcony with reflected heat from the glass helps alot!