14 September 2009

Spider Sense

Since starting the balcony allotment back in July, I have enviably not had a problem with pests. Which given the wide variety of grubs, mites and bugs that are out to eat any and all delicious foodstuffs the gardener may choose to grow, is quite surprising.

spider on it's web on the balconyOr at least it was until about 3 weeks ago, when we started to get the odd 8 legged squatter in the living room.

Several of my work colleagues, friends and relatives have expressed the view that spiders should be killed at every given opportunity, but I take the attitude that if they're not doing any harm to me then I shall happily return the favour.

This has lead to a catch and release scheme, under which Mrs. M shouts at me, I catch the spider in a glass/envelope trap and deposit it outside. I have since released about 50 spiders, either that or it's the same ones coming back again and again for the spider version of Alton Towers.

This I'm more than happy to put up with in return for the natural, chemical free pest control which my arachnid friends offer.

Anyway, must shoot. The blue and red Lycra beckons!

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