13 September 2009

I used to have a herb garden...

...but now I have mint garden. My boss said with a chortle, several months and sacks of compost ago. It would appear that mint just takes over.

Unless it lives in the tiny little plastic tubs that it came from the supermarket in. If you keep it in these it shrivels up, then gets all rooty and then produces tiny little leaves which then shrivel up, get even more rooty...

Thoroughly miffed with this and being berated by Mrs. M who is partial to a cup of mint tea; I cajoled the rooty bundles out of their pots and planted them in the aforementioned compost (organic of course) and then completely ignored them.
mint plants in bright yellow planterA couple of weeks on and a gentle breeze through the open balcony door brought a lovely minty scent demanding attention.

The mint has taken over. Which is wonderful in a pot on a balcony, but seeing how deep the roots have set (the planter is 60cm deep and they go right to the bottom), probably not so great in a garden or allotment.

I used to have some rooty bundles...now I have a mint garden.

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  1. Yes I've been told more than once that I should never plant mint or running bamboo in a garden because they're the two plants that will definitely take over the entire space.