6 September 2009

hot flowers

It would appear that the Romital Hot Chilli pepper plants are desperate to hand over their bounty despite the cooling autumnal weather and sideways drizzle that we have had in the last few days.

This week on the elevated agriculture balcony we have achieved...drum roll please...flowers!
chilli pepper plants in flowerAs of this morning there are 3 little white flowers on the larger of the 2 chilli plants and lots of little green lumpy bits which appear to be where the flowers come from (pods? flower womb? technical I know).

Following guides from various online resources, I have used a little paintbrush to "pollinate" the flowers, gently brushing the pollen from one flower to the next (feel free to call me Bee Man).

The next step is apparently to keep them well fed, watered and drained.

Fingers crossed for a bumper crop of chillis, otherwise Mrs. M says I have to take the giant bee outfit back to the shops, Aye Carumba!

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