2 September 2009

The benefits of locally grown produce

It's the Tuesday after the August Bank Holiday, of course we've run out of lettuce and tomatoes. Rats.

Hang on, whats that on the balcony? Two varieties of lettuce and some nice ripe Plum Tomatoes?

Just picking some fresh veg/fruit from the balcony may seem obvious to you dear reader, but until now, nothing had been ready to eat. As a result I was all tied up in the growing rather than the eating.

crops from the balcony in ploughmans sandwichesBoy was I missing out!

Tomatoes that were firm and hadn't been in the deep freeze, lettuce that isn't bruised and battered. Sandwich bliss.

Convenience foods that anyone with a little space/dirt/water should be able to master. And not a Big Mac in sight.

Homebaked bread could well be the next challenge, making my own cheese on the other hand is open to questions. Such as, should I keep dairy cows on the balcony...

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  1. My not quite Mother in Law gave us some tomatoes from her garden the other day. Fresh tomatoes are just something else, completely unlike eating produce you buy from a supermarket.