10 August 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere...

Ahh, nothing quite like a nice relaxing Sunday walk in the Cotswolds, followed by a confrontation with our downstairs neighbour.

"we need to resolve this situation. you get me?"

Well, not quite. I wasn't aware there was a situation. And what did he want me to get him?

"when you water your plants my balcony get wet. I want to sit out and chill wit me girl."

Now I "got" him.

No problem, nothing to resolve, I'll water more carefully.

I get the feeling he wanted some sort of argument, but whats the point? I knew I was in the wrong, Mrs. M had been telling me so for weeks after all.

It would seem that watering plants is a topic that crops up lots in gardening books, blogs and websites. How much? How often? Fizzy or Still?

The general consensus seems to be that most plants could do without the buckets of water that novice gardens such as myself feel the need to chuck all over them and that careful and considerate watering is the way forward.

Wet Balcony from aboveCommon sense really. If lots of water is running out the bottom of the planter/trough/pot/growbag, then it's not benefiting the plant and probably not doing great things for neighbourly relations (check out those water marks).

Over the coming days I plan to experiment with watering less, checking how moist the compost is under the top layer before I even fill the watering can and using a plant spray to mist the leaves and top of the mulch. Maybe using the odd drip tray just in case.

Good job I didn't invest in that irrigation system eh?

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