24 August 2009

trés bon Rodney, trés bon

I tried to restrain myself, but it just wasn't happening (not from the pun blog titles you may note), water was still making its way over the edge of the balcony and pitter pattering on the galvanised sheet below.

It was time to invest in some drip trays.the elevated agriculture balcony garden

The eagle eyed among you may notice that I appear to have one older and larger tray along with the shiny new ones - this is all that's left of our Christmas tree (It's not dead, just relocated. Honest.) and is now home to the largest of the planters, which is filled to bursting point with lovely lettuce and possibly a little spinach.

The other 3 trays contain the tallest planter (filled with mint. Mojitos Ahoy!), the middle sized planter (some very lazy peppers) and the trimmed back, fruit heavy tomato plant.

The Chives and Greek Basil are also lurking in the gaps and give a rather nice filled out look to the otherwise boring trays.

The major benefit of all this added plastic, other than not having an angry neighbour, is that I have been able to give the lettuce and tomatoes a bit of a soak, which from the growth that's now being seen is a good thing.

It's easy to forget that plants in pots/planters/grow-bags can dry out very quickly, so thirsty varieties do actually need "over watering" when not planted in the ground.

Water, water, exactly where it should be.

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