18 August 2009

Sea Scouts Support Tomato Plant

Not in the litteral sense, but my 5 years in the Sea Scouts is now benefiting my ever growing tomato plant.

Before you think I've gone mad and am blowing a Bosun's Call at it whilst wearing a Pork Pie hat and neck scarf, perhaps I should explain.

tomatoes on a homemade trellisThe tomato plant which was until this evening drooping under the weight of 30 plum tomatoes now has its very own homemade Bamboo cane and Jute twine trellis which I lashed together using one of the two useful pieces of information that my mind has retained from my days in the Scouts, How to tie knots (the other being that teenage boys left alone with rope can be absolute bastards).

I also took this opportunity to cut back the bushy plant and pinch out some wannabe shoots, which should give all that lovely fruit a chance to ripen.

Now where did I park my Battleship?

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