11 August 2009

Peeping Tom

Plum tomato peeing through the greeneryDon't worry, I haven't been spying on the neighbours, the Tom in question is of the Plum variety and after weeks of trying has finally turned a bright pillar box red.

Cutting back, pinching new leafs out that try to form between stems and keeping the compost moist seemed to help, but I think the most credit is due to the Sun which decided to make a welcome return over the weekend, topping the thermometer out at 40* ( lovely heat trapped in the brickwork and reflected off the metal flooring).

If the weather stays bright and breezy we can expect a bumper crop of 30 or so more; if not then at least there's that delicious tomato vine smell drifting in through the balcony doors.

Tomato plants, the Chanel no.5 of the Agricultural world.

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