8 August 2009

Lettuce Out

lettuce, spinach, chilli and sweet peppers in yellow planter bagsAfter 3 weeks in the glasshouse, the lettuce and spinach was rapidly outgrowing its seed trays.

Of the 10 Dynamite and 10 Delight lettuce seeds planted I ended up with 13 little plants after pricking out which all seem to be pretty healthy if a little spindly.

The spinach on the other hand wasn't quite as keen to sprout with only 2 of the 10 planted seeds pushing their way through the mulchy, moist organic compost mix.

All the plants were transfered over to the 2 remaining yellow planter bags, where they seem to be thickening out and settling in nicely.

With a bit of sun on the balcony plot, Mrs. M and I could be enjoying home grown lettuce in our sandwiches by the middle of the month. Yum.

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