29 July 2009

Pepper Pots for Pennies

hot and sweet peppers in potsDrawn in by the SALE banners, I called into Homebase on the way home for a mooch. Not feeling the need for a cut-price sit on lawnmower, gazeebo or shower cubicle, I headed out to the garden centre area and discovered these bargain peppers.

Reduced from £2.99 to 69pence a plant, I snapped up two "Romital" Hot Chilli Pepper plants and two "Kouros" Sweet Pepper plants. All organic and grown to Soil Association standards according to the labels.

I've given them a bit of a water and moved them to the balcony edge, letting the rain give them a rinse. The plan is to plant them into the nomadic concrete troughs, a job for the weekend!

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